Confidentiality Agreement Templates for Contractors and Contract Employees

Confidentiality Agreement Template Package
Confidentiality Agreement Template Package
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These Agreements govern the relationship between an Owner and Bidders, Contractors and Contract Employees.

Use a Confidentiality Agreement before entering into any negotiations, interviews or other exchanges where confidential information or materials may be exchanged.

A properly written and executed Confidentiality Agreement sets conditions for the exchange and use of confidential information and materials between the involved parties. It requires the parties to hold sensitive information confidential and provides for remedies in the event the Agreement is violated.

The finished documents can be easily checked by competent parties to ensure that all federal, state and local regulatory and legal requirements are addressed. They can then be published either electronically or by regular mail and other traditional methods.

Start at the beginning, read each section, evaluate its relevance, revise as needed, save, print and issue.

Two (2) Confidentiality Agreements are included in this Package

a - Contractor Confidentiality Agreement for Construction of Facilities

b - Contract Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Agreement Provisions Include but are not limited to:

Definition of Confidential Material

Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information

Acknowledgement of Owner Property

Access and Return of Confidential Material


Binding Effect



Applicable Law


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