Turn your Excel™ software into a simple but effective construction cost estimating tool.

Excel Construction Estimating Template
Excel Construction Estimating Template
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The Complete Reference Set includes:

These Excel™ Templates are Simple and Effective Tools
for Estimating Construction Projects.
Cost Effective Excel Workbooks Ready for Use!

This Excel™ based Construction Estimating Package includes Worksheets pre-loaded with common activities, equipment and materials required for construction projects categorized by the Sixteen Divisions established by AIA™ and the Construction Specification Institute.

As individual requirements are identified, priced and entered, the workbook adds labor burdens, overhead and profit so total costs can be monitored throughout the estimating process.

A second workbook contains 20+ helpful Worksheets to assist with taking off materials, equipment and labor.  Worksheet Templates such as:

           Painting with formulas to Calculate Painting Area & Gallons Required

           Flooring set up to Calculate Flooring Area by Type and Amount Needed

           Stucco and Drywall Takeoff Worksheets

           Concrete Calculator with Worksheets for Footer and Pad Requirements

           Roofing Worksheet and Area Calculator

           and many other Worksheets that assist with taking off HVAC, Plumbing, Steel, Lumber and other items contained in a typical project.  

Anyone with a working knowledge of Excel can easily customize these workbooks for the task at hand. An Essential Tool for building a fast, accurate and reusable Construction Estimating System without spending hundreds of dollars for complex estimating systems that require expense updates to stay current.

This format has been proven over time to be a cost-effective solution for basic construction estimating challenges. Used by general contractors, home builders, commercial builders, remodeling contractors, and trade subcontractors all over the world.

Once an Estimate turns into a Contract, the identified costs can be easily converted to a Schedule of Values and used with the Comprehensive Invoicing Template offered as an accessory to this package.

“This is about as handy as a shirt pocket!" is the way one happy customer described these useful estimating templates.

Buy now and save! Provided via instant download and email in Excel™ format.

UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED! Purchase the package for delivery via instant download or email, review it and use it for 48 hours. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, send us an email and we’ll cancel your order without ever charging your credit card. The downloaded files will be yours to keep.


This format is widely accepted as an equal to AIA formats typically specified by Architects in construction specifications. The 6 page template categorizes construction activities by the Sixteen Divisions established by the Construction Specification Institute.
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Save 25% by purchasing both Excel™ Templates at once! These are Simple and Effective Tools for Managing Money on Construction Projects.
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