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Purchasing and Contracts Package Deal
Purchasing and Contracts Package Deal
Item# CAS040717-3
Regular price: $281.60
Sale price: $99.95

Purchasing & Contracts Deal

This Collection of Forms, Templates, and Checklists
provides the Basics for
Bidding, Evaluating, Purchasing, Tracking, Expediting, and Closeout Activities
CAS020503    Inquiry Checklist for Construction Contracts                             $12.95
CAS020504    Purchase Order File Checklist                                                   $12.95
CAS021102    Contract Close Out Procedure, Checklist & Templates             $12.95
CAS040606    Purchasing & Contracting Policy & Procedures                         $89.95
CAS060101-1 Contract Request for Proposal Package                                    $49.95
CAS060101-2 Contract Agreement Template Package                                    $49.95
CAS060101-3 Confidentiality Agreement Template Package                            $12.95
CAS060101-4 Purchasing Terms & Contract Administration Templates            $39.95
                                                                                    Total Retail Price:   $281.60
CAS040717-3 Purchasing and Contracts Package Deal    Sale Price       $99.95

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