Purchasing, Expediting, Material Control, Auditing, Estimating, Contractor Administration, Safety Checklists, Safety Plans, Agreement Templates and more. Purchase a Complete Reference Set and SAVE!!

CAS Complete Reference Set
CAS Complete Reference Set
Item# CAS040717-5
Regular price: $788.55
Sale price: $249.95

Office Policy Manual 2004

Why spend countless hours drafting and creating useful documents from scratch when you can have customized templates and outlines designed for easy editing.

Whether your business needs to develop a comprehensive policy and procedures manual or you just need an excel template to evaluate a bunch of proposals. This Complete Reference Set can provide the solution.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manuals and Checklists, Excel Construction Estimating and Invoicing Templates, Purchasing & Contracting Policy & Procedures Manuals, Purchase Orders, Contract Documents, Terms, Contractor Site Safety Policies & Manuals and more.

Buy them all or buy only one!

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        The Complete Reference Set  includes all items in the Packages below:
    Item #                                                                                Description
CAS041025          Document Management Operations Audit Checklist                  $14.95
CAS041027          Project Materials Management Audit Checklist                           $14.95
CAS041124          Project Management Audit Checklist                                             $14.95
CAS041228          On-Site Material Control Audit Checklist                                       $14.95
CAS041229          Project Purchasing Audit Checklist                                                  $14.95
CAS041230          Expediting & Traffic Audit Checklist                                              $14.95
CAS041231          Subcontract Administration Audit Checklist                                 $14.95
CAS050624          Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manual                              $39.95
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:          $144.60
CAS041231-1      Audit Checklists & QAQC Manual Package Deal                      Sale Price  $69.95

CAS021101          Excel Construction Estimating Template                                       $29.95
CAS060306          Excel Construction Invoice Template                                             $29.95  
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:            $ 59.90
CAS060423          EXCEL 2 for 1 Deal                                                                           Sale Price $29.95

CAS020501          Claims Avoidance Checklist                                                             $12.95
CAS020502          Claims Recovery Checklist                                                               $12.95
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:            $ 25.90
CAS040717-4      Claims Checklist Package Deal                                                      Sale Price $12.95

CAS020503          Inquiry Checklist for Construction Contracts                                $12.95
CAS020504          Purchase Order File Checklist                                                            $12.95
CAS021102          Contract Close Out Procedure, Checklist & Templates               $12.95
CAS040606          Corporate Purchasing & Contracting
                                Policy & Procedures Manual                                                             $89.95
CAS060101-1      Contract Request for Proposal Package                                         $49.95
CAS060101-2      Contract Agreement Template Package                                         $49.95
CAS060101-3      Confidentiality Agreement Template Package                             $12.95
CAS060101-4      Purchasing Terms & Contract Administration Templates           $39.95
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:           $281.60
CAS040717-3      Purchasing and Contracts Package Deal                                     Sale Price $99.95

CAS020505          Safety Hazards Housekeeping Checklist                                       $12.95
CAS020506          Safety Prevention Program Checklist                                              $12.95
CAS021103          Safety Orientation Checklist for New Employees                         $12.95
CAS050703          Contractor Site Safety Policy                                                            $34.95
CAS060101-5      Construction Site Policy on Alcohol & Drug Abuse                      $12.95
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:            $ 86.75
CAS040717-1      Safety Program Package Deal                                                         Sale Price $49.95

CAS080112          Health and Safety Manual with OSHA Links                               $89.95
CAS080308          Jobsite Safety Handbook                                                                  $34.95
CAS080323          Self Inspection Safety Checklist                                                      $24.95
                                                                                                Total Retail Price:          $149.85
CAS080406 Health & Safety Plan Package Deal                                                       Sale Price $69.95


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