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Self-Inspection Safety Checklist
Self-Inspection Safety Checklist
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This Self Inspection Safety Checklist was originally created by OSHA and is typical for General Industry Workplaces but not for Construction or Maritime Industries.

This Word™ document is can effortlessly edited and customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

The Checklist includes 400 plus conditions that every Safety Conscience Organization should review to ensure the Safety of its Employees and Anyone entering the Work Areas.

This template will serve as a valuable tool for creating detailed Self Inspection Safety Checklists that clearly conveys your Organization’s commitment to maintaining a Safe Work Environment.

The ultimate responsibility for Work Place Safety lies with Management and the Owners.

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Provided via Instant Download and Email in Word™ format.

Activities covered by this Checklist include:

• Employer Posting

• Recordkeeping

• Safety And Health Program

• Fire Protection

• Medical Services And First Aid

• Personal Protective Equipment And Clothing

• General Work Environment

• Floor And Wall Openings

• Walkways

• Stairs And Stairways

• Elevated Surfaces

• Exiting Or Egress - Evacuation

• Portable Ladders

• Exit Doors

• Hand Tools And Equipment

• Portable (Power Operated) Tools And Equipment

• Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders

• Machine Guarding

• Power-Actuated Tools

• Lockout/Tagout Procedures

• Welding, Cutting And Brazing

• Compressors And Compressed Air

• Compressors/Air Receivers

• Industrial Trucks - Forklifts

• Compressed Gas Cylinders

• Hoist And Auxiliary Equipment

• Spraying Operations

• Entering Confined Spaces

• Environmental Controls

• Flammable And Combustible Materials

• Hazardous Chemical Exposure

• Hazardous Substances Communication

• Electrical

• Fueling Operations

• Identification Of Piping Systems

• Noise

• Fueling

• Materials Handling

• Transporting Employees And Materials

• Control Of Harmful Substances By Ventilation

• Tire Inflation

• Sanitizing Equipment And Clothing

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